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Sales & Distribution 

We are proud to be servicing the central coast from Paso Robles down to Santa Barbara. We have been helping our wonderful wineries get their wines out to the public since 2013. We have been working hard  to give our wineries, as small as 400 case production, a voice and presence on the central coast. We have been fortunate enough to build a portfolio that is comprised of wines that far exceed their prices.

We are a forward think company and have become a MicroMatics distributor and specialist. Knowing that the future of “By The Glass” programs is wine-on-tap we have not only the ability to help get our  customers into wine-on-tap but provide the service of kegging our wineries’ wines.

The future is Nunno Wine, come join us!

Smile with Wine

Wine On Tap

We are a MicoMatics dealer and have been helping the Central Coast grow into this new, exciting and profitable way of delivering high quality wine to their customers.

On Premise Sales

Here at Nunno, we help wineries of all sizes produce amazing wines. We make it easy for you to go from grape to bottle.

Image by Scott Warman
Signing a Contract

Off Premise Sales

We are partnered with many wonderful local bottling trucks to insure an affordable solution for all of our clients.

New Client Paper Work

Please fill out these forms if you are a new client

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